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In my state of California (sometimes called the State of Confusion), health and fitness are highly valued, and people focus a lot of time and energy on their appearance and on getting their bodies fit. Many people change their lifestyles, go on all kinds of bizarre regimens and diets, and take numerous supplements and even medications in order to lose weight.

In comparison, very little energy is put toward getting and keeping our emotional selves and our primary relationships in shape. Sadly, many people put more time and energy into their hair than into their relationships (this is where Dr. Phil and I have an advantage over many men) and then complain about the lack of intimacy and satisfaction in their personal lives. The reason why some relationships work and many others don’t is that couples in those working relationships work on them. The most difficult part about achieving emotional fitness in a relationship can be figuring out exactly what to do or what to talk about in order to get there. It’s hard for us to look inside and discover which parts of our emotional selves need to be in better shape. That is why I am a Marriage Counselor.

Getting your relationship emotionally balanced requires doing something about it on a regular basis. With physical exercise, the more we do, the easier it gets, and emotional fitness works the same way. Unlike a physical workout, however, getting and staying emotionally fit can take as little as one hour a week and involve only small changes here and there. When you consider the value of the results, this is an extraordinarily good investment. So put down the remote control, let the weeds in your garden grow a little longer, and send the kids to a movie, so the two of you can be alone and chat about your lives together.

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