Dr. Goldsmith’s

Innovation / Implementation Index (g3i)


Answer honestly how much like you or how much unlike you are the following:

The results of this test will be Emailed to Dr. Goldsmith and he will contact you shortly.


I prefer that my staff follow the status quo
New ideas are difficult for me
I like detail work
I prefer working on someone else's ideas
I am swayed by public opinion
I seldom act without permission
I never break the rules
I enjoy consistency at work
I offer my opinion only when asked
I am uneasy about presenting new ideas
I am not spontaneous
Instant changes on a moments notice are difficult for me
I always complete one project before I begin another
I am able to stay focused until the project is finished
I am best at doing one thing at a time
I am predictable
Confronting those in authority makes me uneasy
I am uninteresting
I am willing to go with the crowd at work
I like to improve upon the ideas of others
I will take the time for details
My staff has more original ideas than I do
I prefer to work on one thing at a time
I enjoy organization and systems at work
I fear doing things differently
I work the way I was taught by my bosses/supervisors/teachers
People do not have to do things exactly the way I do them
I enjoy reading and following directions
I think like those around me
Frequent changes make me uncomfortable