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As researched and published by The Harvard University Mental Health Letter, the most important factor in the success of the therapy is actually the relationship between the therapist and his or her patient.

Dr. Barton Goldsmith has had over three decades of direct counseling experience. He is trained and licensed to assess, diagnose and treat individuals, couples, families and groups to help them achieve more adequate, satisfying and productive marriage, family and social relationships. His practice also includes premarital and child counseling, and divorce or separation counseling. He utilizes a variety of therapeutic interventions and is well qualified to deal with a number of issues including emotional stress and anxiety, behavior problems, depression and loneliness, sexual disturbances, unusual eating patterns, excessive drug and alcohol use and grief or emotional pain.

At no time have there been more pressures on us than there are today. Our health, happiness and productivity are directly related to the amount of stress and dissatisfaction in our lives. The goals of therapy are to help you get in touch with the natural abilities that we all possess, and to assist you in living a more fulfilled life.

"Barton Goldsmith is the best natural born therapist I have ever met."
David Viscott, MD, Talk Show Host


The simple techniques that he uses have helped thousands of people discover their own unique abilities and bring more of what they really want into their lives. Dr. Barton will help you understand the ways we limit ourselves and prevent joy and prosperity from manifesting daily. In addition to “talk therapy” he uses proven emotional exercises that will allow you to remove negative patterns and self-limiting beliefs.

Dr. Barton shares tools and techniques that you can take home and use immediately. His insights and experiences related through non-judgmental communication, sensitive questioning and gentle humor make counseling an enjoyable and high return experience.

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Humbled to have been recognized by several professional associations, Dr. Barton Goldsmith is a multi-award-winning psychotherapist, a syndicated columnist, author and radio host, as well as a recognized keynote speaker.

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