6 Ways to Bring in More Positive Energy and Push Out the Bad

There is an old saying that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over but expecting a different result. Source: Psych Today

Fear Can Be a Friend

Invite your fears in for tea and talk with them. Tell them (and yourself) that you'll only keep the fears that make you better. Source: Psych Today

Is Your Anger a Projection of Unresolved Depression?

It makes sense that many people do not want to feel sadness because it hurts inside. Source: Psych Today

7 Tips For Dealing With The End Of A Friendship

Ending a long-term friendship is usually sad for the people involved, but when the friendship ends over a betrayal, the initial trigger may also be anger. Source: Psych Today

Depression and Loneliness Linked to Higher Mortality Rates

Loneliness and depression are the new killers. In fact, recent studies show that either one (or both) can be more dangerous to your life than obesity or using tobacco products. Source: Psych Today

Having a Purpose Is Paramount to Beating Depression

If you find your purpose and share it with the world, you will be happier. Source: Psych Today

Celebrities, Civilians and Depression

Depression is a part of life, and not even celebrities are immune. Source: Psych Today

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Some people who are depressed achieve championship status at emotionally beating themselves up. Source: Psych Today

Ten of The (Many) Reasons Why Moms Are Important

Mother’s Day is a day you get to show your mom (or the mother of your children) how grateful you are that she is in your life. Don’t waste the opportunity. Source: Psych Today

Documentary Films Can Make a Difference

You certainly didn’t expect the movie to be so emotional and heart-wrenching to watch, but it turns out to be life-altering. Source: Psych Today

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